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As an Instructional Designer I commit to creating effective and engaging learning experiences for students. I have a focus on evidence-based instructional and research strategies, a dedication to continuous improvement and professional development, and a strong ethical foundation that prioritizes students' needs and well-being.

Originally from Brazil, born and raised in São Paulo City - one of the biggest cities in the world, I started my career in corporate communication and training in 2006, followed by Instructional Designer and Instructional Coordinator. I have a wide career in corporate training and learning, having worked as a press officer, public relations manager, and a journalist.

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Creating Effective and Engaging Learning Experiences

I am a bilingual (Portuguese and English) professional with 15+ years of experience in Instructional Design with expertise in corporate education and communication, storytelling, content strategy, content creation, and Learning & Development. Exceptional communication, problem-solving, relationship building, and leadership skills. Self-motivated and adaptable with a positive attitude and the ability to work with others to achieve common goals and deliver results. Proficiency in Content Creator programs (Articulate 360, Captivate, Vyond, Rise 360), LMS Systems (Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle), Microsoft Office, Video Editors (Camtasia, Premiere, iMovie) and Content Editors (InDesign and Photoshop).

As a background, since I was a teenager, I have studied and trained in theater and drama. I have also taken many courses on clowning language, making clowning language one of my greatest passions. In Brazil, I was CEO of a non-profit organization that took clowns to more than 6 pediatric hospitals in São Paulo, Curitiba and João Pessoa.  

I have done several training courses in storytelling, screenwriting, improvisation, theater, storyboarding, and script production for dramaturgy - skills that correspond to my career as an Instructional Specialist and journalist.

Also, I am engaged in the Brazilian Community in San Antonio, where I volunteer to plan events and entrepreneurship workshops for the community.


Today I live in San Antonio, Texas, and I'm about to finish my Master's Degree in Instructional Technology. 

I have great communication, problem-solving, relationship building, and leadership skills. Self-motivated and adaptable with a positive attitude and the ability to work with others to achieve common goals and deliver results.

In addition, I have further supplemented my education with courses, lectures, webinars, workshops, and more, as listed below. 

  • English as a Second Language: Baptist University of the Americas Duration: 1 year / 24 credit hours Year: 2015-2016

  • Instructional Design Practice - ODL (Distance Education) Facility: Associate Teacher Duration: 7 weeks Year: 2010

  • Dramaturgy - Storytelling  - Facility: Espaço Parlapatões / Mario Vianna Duration: 4 weeks Year: 2005 

  • Latin Leadership Institute Facility: 1st Phase Duration: 48 hoursYear: 2020

  • Become an Instructional Designer - Linkedin Learning with Joe Pulichino - 2021

  • Gamification – 2023

  • Elearning Tips - LinkedIn Learning – 2023

  • Learning How to Increase Learner Engagement – Linkedin Learning - 2023

  • Gamification for Interactive Learning – Linkedin Learning 2023

  • Microlearning Conference EP7 – 7Taps. 2023

  • Webinar Skills Training That Works: Insights From an Expert with Dave LeFevre - Articulate - 2023

  • Budget Busters: Strategies for Surviving Learning and Development Cutbacks - IDLance - 2023

  • Instructional Design: Needs Analysis - LinkedIn Learning - 2023.

  • Articulate Storyline Essential Training - LinkedIn Learning - 2023 

  • Learning Solutions Conference 2023

Take a peek at some
of my favorite projects

Bruno Becchieli

Educational specialist at Grupo Boticário

“Together with Inaiá, we worked in two companies: at Uol Ciatech and at Gestum Digital Solutions. At UOL, for 4 years, we were partners in the same production team, working with the creation of courses aimed at the adult audience of companies in the private and public sector. At that time, she acted as coordinator and supervisor of the interaction area, and at Inaiá, as instructional designer. We did hundreds of distance learning projects together, from the project idea, brainstorm, presentation and validation of scripts, to the development and implementation of the course in the client's educational system.

João Carlos Alcântara

Instructional designer, learning consultant and distance learning project manager

"I worked in Inaia Ambrosini's team in 2013, when she was coordinating the creativity team. During this period I had the pleasure of witnessing Inaia coordinating a team of twelve designers in the development of strategic solutions and educational learning for several clients. Inaia worked objectively and creatively in her functions, monitoring and reviewing information and content, always paying close attention to identifying and evaluating possible problems. She also demonstrated a great ability to manage the time for project delivery and to coordinate the activities of those involved in the creation, development and adjustment of materials and structuring of the


Mauricio Daniel Olimpio

Product Manager at C&A

The exceptional coordination of Ms. Ambrosini resulted in projects, development and creation of

new courses, applications, relationships, systems and products, including creative and valueadding contributions to all teams. In addition, his management was the basis for a considerable increase in the company's customer base, reaching mainly customers based in the cities of São

Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. 

The coordination of Ms. Ambrosini, also had an immense impact on the professionals reporting to her, her leadership and mentorship were of vital importance for the improvement of technical quality and the construction of a healthy, inventive and collaborative environment.”

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