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Creating engaging and comprehensive L&D projects.

Project type

Learning & Development


From 2006 - 2023


Brazil - USA

Over the years, I have worked in Learning and Development (L&D), an area that has always aroused my interest and passion. My journey began in 2006, at Tiberio Engenharia Civil, where I started as a Press Officer. I was soon faced with the challenge of creating a comprehensive L&D project. This was to offer improvement courses in several areas, such as engineering, architecture, sales, finance and leadership, among others.

The project I developed at Tiberio Engenharia Civil was a remarkable experience in my career. With dedication and enthusiasm, I created a comprehensive learning program, which trained employees in various disciplines relevant to the company. Through courses, workshops, and training, employees enhanced their technical and professional skills. This drove the organization's growth and success.

However, after a few years, I felt the need to expand my horizons and explore other possibilities in the L&D field. I decided to direct my efforts towards meeting the needs of small and medium-sized companies by offering specific learning projects tailored to their unique demands and realities.

Recently, I completed a memorable project in San Antonio, Texas. In this endeavor, I developed a series of lectures focused on entrepreneurship and financial management. Working closely with local entrepreneurs, I shared valuable knowledge and insights, providing practical guidance for sustainable business growth.

During the lectures, I covered relevant topics such as financial management strategies, business planning, market analysis, and strategic decision making. The goal was to empower participants to meet business challenges by providing them with essential tools and resources to succeed. Witnessing the audience's engagement and enthusiasm as we shared knowledge was truly rewarding. It reinforced my belief that L&D plays a key role in personal and professional development.

My L&D experience has been enriching and rewarding. Through these projects, I have positively impacted the lives of many people. I have enabled them to acquire the skills and knowledge that have propelled them forward in their careers. I firmly believe that continuous learning is essential for individual growth and organizational success.

As I advance in my professional journey, I intend to remain dedicated to L&D, constantly seeking creative ways to promote learning and development in organizations. I believe in education's transformative power and look forward to tackling challenging tasks. This will enable me to help even more people reach their full potential through continuous learning.

To develop an L&D project I follow these following steps:

1. Assess the company and employees' learning needs.

2. Establish clear goals and objectives for the L&D project.

3. Identify the target audience for the learning program.

4. Develop relevant content to meet identified needs.

5. Choose the best learning methodologies.

6. Plan the logistics of the project, such as dates, times and resources required.

7. Communicate and promote the project to employees.

8. Implement the activities according to the established schedule.

9. Evaluate project outcomes using different evaluation methods.

20. Analyze the data collected and identify areas of success and opportunities for improvement.

This is a simplified list, and each step may require more detail and specific actions to be effectively carried out.

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