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E-learning in Rise

Project type

Rise - Online Training System


may, 2022


San Antonio, TX.

Project type


I am excited to share with you my experience developing a Canva course created with the Rise tool. As a content creator, I am always looking for ways to improve my skills and knowledge. In this project, I developed a course that taught others how to use the tool effectively. As I looked for a platform to create the course, I stumbled upon Rise, which seemed the appropriate fit for my needs.

The development process was smooth, thanks to Rise's user-friendly interface. I created a visually appealing course in just a few hours. The platform allowed me to add interactive elements like quizzes and videos, making learning engaging and fun.

I started by outlining the course structure, dividing it into easy-to-understand modules. Each module focused on a particular aspect of Canva, such as designing social media graphics, creating flyers, and designing infographics. I used my experience to create instructional videos that walked users through each step of the design process.

The Rise platform made it easy to upload my videos and images, and I could add text to explain each step. I also added quizzes to test students' knowledge after each module. The quizzes not only helped the students reinforce their understanding, but also gave me feedback on which areas needed further explanation.

After developing the course, I shared it with some of my colleagues for feedback. They loved it and I made some changes based on their suggestions.

Overall, creating a course on Canva using Rise was a fantastic experience. I look forward to creating more courses using the Rise platform in the future!

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