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Project The Five Samurais of Organization

Project type

Elearning | Corporate Education


January 2012


Sao Paulo, SP

In 2011, I received an invitation from the Human Resources team at UOL Ciatech to develop a course aimed at around 300 employees. The goal was to guide employees between the ages of 21 to 35 on how to keep the work environment clean, organized, and well-cared for in anticipation of the company going public on the stock market and receiving visits from future shareholders. The employees were still reeling from a previous Dress Code course, which made them apprehensive and upset about meeting company standards. I had the challenge of creating a course that would change their behavior without further resentment.

To better understand the audience, I conducted extensive field research. I found that this particular group (millennial professionals from the communications, marketing, and arts industries) needed to engage in a course in a more natural and organic way. I drew inspiration from the movie Karate Kid, which was popular in the 80s and is still remembered by all employees. I developed a gamified course with 5 scenarios, each emphasizing one of the 5 organizational attributes. I kept the learning objectives a top priority on the storyboard.

Despite having only 6 months to develop and apply the course, I completed the script with my team in less than 3 months. The course application was a huge success, and it became one of UOL Ciatech's biggest sales hits. The course "Organization at Work. Productivity with the principles of the 5Ss" from Sapiência presents daily situations that allow the student to reflect on their habits and attitudes in the work environment. It also explains how they influence their personal and professional lives and those around them.

In the course, the student follows the story of Pedro, a young professional struggling to organize his routine. Pedro experiences chaos in both his professional and personal life. Pedro stumbles upon the 5 Samurais - dolls on his desk - which come to life and introduce him to each 5S concept. The course is still sold today and is considered a major success story of UOL Ciatech, the largest EdTech company in Brazil.

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