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Microlearning with 7Taps app -

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April, 2023


San Antonio, Texas.

I developed a microlearning course on Digital Marketing Strategy in just 30 minutes with the 7taps app, using artificial intelligence with a pre-scripted script. The app is completely intuitive and has a variety of options for different themes and learning objectives, which makes the choice very easy and fast.

I believe that microlearning is a tool that delivers knowledge fast, concise and targeted, in small doses of content. For our current society that has significant difficulty dedicating long hours of study to a single subject, Microlearning offers information in small portions, usually 3 to 5 minutes in length, making it easier for students to absorb and retain knowledge.

In this project I chose a pre-scripted script on Digital Marketing Strategy. After selecting the script, the app used artificial intelligence to adapt it to my specific needs. Enter the course name, target audience, and learning objectives to customize the content. In addition, I added some additional information, such as the duration of the course and the steps in the learning process.

From there I started adding additional content to the course, such as images, videos, and other materials that complement the scripted content. The application made this process very easy and intuitive, allowing me to add these elements in just a few clicks.

At the end, I revised the course to ensure clear and organized content. After that the application automatically generated the Microlearning course, which was ready in just 30 minutes! I was impressed by how fast and efficient the process was, thanks to artificial intelligence and the pre-scripted script available in the 7taps app.

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