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Pepsico - Logistics and Distribution Clerk

Project type

Content Factory | Elearning | Corporate Education


May, 2013


Sao Paulo, Brazil


Instructional Coordinator

As Instructional Coordinator of Gestum Solutions, in 2012, me and my team were hired by the company PepsiCo - in Brazil - where I was in charge of leading the project of creating a factory of content and online courses for the employees of the company's distributors, focusing on classes C and D. With the mission of democratizing access to knowledge and training for these employees, me and my team faced the challenge of creating a learning platform that was intuitive, accessible and, above all, relevant to the reality of the target audience.

To achieve this goal, we worked with experts in education, technology, and instructional design to create a personalized learning platform that offered educational content and training adapted to distributor employees. From the beginning, it was clear that the platform needed to be simple and easy to use. This was so that employees could access the content easily and from anywhere, even if they had limited internet access.

Therefore, the platform was developed based on lightweight technologies and with a friendly and intuitive interface. In addition, the online courses were adapted to the needs and realities of distributors' employees. This included topics such as financial management, customer service, and sales techniques, among others. In order to ensure that the content was relevant and engaging, the instructional design team used a variety of interactive features, such as animations, games, quizzes, and simulations. This was done to create an engaging and attractive learning experience.

The results were amazing. Distributors' employees experienced a significant increase in job satisfaction and productivity, as well as improvements in customer service. The online learning platform became an enormous success, not only for its ease of use and relevance to the target audience. It was also for its ability to democratize access to knowledge and training throughout the organization.

As Designer Coordinator, I was very proud to lead such an impactful and significant project for the company. The content factory and online courses for distributors were a success, providing an accessible and effective learning platform for class C and D employees. This allowed them to grow professionally and develop careers at PepsiCo.

*I used Google images to protect client confidentiality.

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