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The Body Shop's launch to Brazil


July 2014


Sao Paulo, Brazil


Instructional Coordinator

Project type


Introduction of the brand The Body Shop to the Brazilian market. When the company's brand arrived in Brazil, they hired my team to launch the first online program. This explained the importance of the brand's history and creator to future sellers. The course was 1 hour long and encompassed not only the history of its founder but a tour of the countries from which the brand extracted its products.

The biggest challenge for this client was the first exchange of conversations between myself as elearning project manager and the Subject Matter Expert from the Body Shop. This project was made in Brazil, and at this time I did not speak English and my client was American.

To develop the project, I had to immerse myself in the American culture and the company philosophy, which was much more work than trivial. Even though I had successful results with this client, this challenge made me think about how learning a second language could enrich my career. This made me move to the United States and broaden my studies.

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