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Elearning for Medical Staff

Project Type

Elearning | Corporate Education


April 2023


Instructional Designer

This eLearning project was developed for the medical team at Albert Einstein Hospital, the most renowned hospital in Sao Paulo, SP. The project was created in Articulate, utilizing an interactive approach, with content written in a practical and concise manner. This was done to optimize time and accelerate learning.

The project aims to provide an engaging and dynamic learning experience that equips medical staff with the essential skills and knowledge required for their roles. Through an interactive learning interface, the project is designed to capture the learner's attention, making the content easier to comprehend and retain.

The content has been meticulously crafted to ensure that it is informative, practical, and assertive. This is so that learners can apply the knowledge they gain to their everyday tasks effectively. This project aims to provide a cutting-edge and efficient learning solution that would enable the medical team at Albert Einstein Hospital to enhance their capabilities and deliver high-quality healthcare services to their patients.

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