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Transition from ABN Amro Bank to Santander


Contend Factory


August 2010


Sao Paulo, Brazil


Instructional Designer

The merger between ABN Amro Bank and Banco Santander in August 2010 was a major milestone in the banking industry's history. With the union of two of the largest financial institutions in the world came the need to integrate teams, processes, and corporate cultures. One of the ways to optimize this merger process was through the creation of an online course factory. This aimed to reduce employee time spent on in-person training, reduce costs, and ensure training standardization throughout the organization.

The online course factory was an innovative and ambitious project that involved multidisciplinary teams, including experts in technology, instructional design, and educational content. The first step was to identify the training needs of both banks' employees, and then to create a series of online courses covering all aspects necessary to integrate the teams and implement standardized processes. These courses were designed based on best practices in instructional design, including interactive features, simulations, videos, case studies, and quizzes.

One of the main benefits of the online courseware factory was the possibility to drastically reduce training time for employees. This was because the courses could be accessed at any time and from anywhere. This meant significant savings in time and money. It also allowed employees to complete their training at a pace best suited to their personal needs and schedules. In addition, standardizing training ensures that all employees, regardless of their geographical location or business unit, received the same information and knowledge.

With the online courseware factory, the merger between ABN Amro Bank and Banco Santander was accomplished more efficiently and with fewer problems. This was because employees were better prepared and aligned with the new financial institution's corporate culture. In addition, the online courseware factory was a valuable training and development tool over the years. This helped to ensure that employees were always up to date with changes in the banking industry and internal policies and practices.

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