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LAN and TAM Airlines Fusion


Instructional Designer




Sao Paulo, Brazil

Project type

Content Factory

In 2012 I was already in the company that served TAM Airlines, at the time one of the largest airlines in Brazil. To everyone's surprise, LAN Airlines, a Uruguayan company, joined TAM with the proposal to unify rather than their strong domestic brands. This underscores the industry's growing focus on international tourism to offset weak domestic demand in the region.

I, together with the L&D team of the company UOL Ciatech had the challenge of producing refresher, development, training and corporate culture courses for all employees of the new company (LATAM), in two languages (Portuguese and Spanish), with a deadline of approximately 5 months for completion of the projects, application of the courses and analysis. The merger of LAN and TAM Airlines resulted in great success in the production of about 200 online courses. With the goal of unifying employee training processes, the e-learning development team worked together to create high quality content, engaging and aligned with the company culture. Using innovative technologies and effective learning strategies, the online courses provided a consistent and scalable training experience for the entire team. This ensured a high level of quality customer service and improved operational efficiency.

Each team member handled at least 6-7 courses per month. But we managed, in a unique way, to conclude the production of courses in record time, optimizing the project's costs and thus generating a lot of profit for the company and giving great visibility and credibility to UOL Ciatech in the distance education market, both in Brazil and worldwide.

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