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Using Vyond to Apply Personal Development Courses

Project type

Vyond Animation | Elearning | Corporate Education


April, 2021


San Antonio, TX.


Instructional Designer

This project was powered by the Vyond platform. I developed a script to clearly exemplify a leader's actions and behaviors and promote reflection. This will enable a change in attitude and behavior.

I believe that courses that aim to promote behavioral changes in their students can benefit significantly from avatars and characters. These tools can help make learning more engaging and appealing by allowing students to identify with the characters. This will enable them to better understand the lessons being taught. In addition, avatars and characters can be used to present real and challenging situations students may face in their daily lives. This will help them develop practical skills to deal with these situations. As a result, courses that use avatars and characters can be an effective way to promote behavior change, as they allow learners to be exposed to different scenarios and practice the skills needed to deal with them more effectively.

Vyond is an intuitive animation and video creation platform that can be extremely useful for instructional designers who want to develop e-learning content in a simplified way. With Vyond, instructional designers can create custom animations and explainer videos that engage audiences and enhance learning. In addition, the platform also offers features such as ready-made templates, animated characters, and sound effects that can facilitate content development. With Vyond's ease of use and ability to create engaging, high-quality animations, instructional designers can develop engaging and effective content faster and more efficiently.

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