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Digital Learning in South and North America

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

I became an Instructional Designer in 2009. When I applied for my first job interview for this position, I understood at first that it would be to cover a copywriting position. Me, as a journalist, would fit perfectly in this area. I was unemployed and with bills coming up, and Marcos (42 formas) said I was developing content for digital courses. My career was uncertain and I wasn't sure if the change of position would affect me forever. As soon as I left the company my former teacher called me and offered me another job: a press officer in her own growing company. Would be wonderful! But my curiosity was big, and I accepted the Instructional Designer position.

Before long, I understood perfectly the learning tools and technological resources that brought the content to the students. Gradually I found myself in the area and was invited to supervise a group of more than 10 instructional designers in another company. Many challenges were seen, accepted and faced, until my family and I decided to move to the United States to continue our studies. To avoid being out of the area, I volunteered at the college library to develop a digital learning project for specific Associates Degree courses. Today, I am an intern at a non-profit organization, where I develop with my supervisor a digital learning project for the company's members and board of trustees.

In the US, people know this area better, and it is very easy to find undergraduate and postgraduate courses in technology education. Already in Brazil, it is a project that is just beginning.

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